Carbon Workshop

We are delighted to be hosting a workshop at this year's Carbon Conference, at Imperial College London.  Further information about the session can be found here.

3.30pm - Welcome address

Presented by Prof Mauricio Terrones, EIC, Carbon.  Professor Terrones will introduce the event, as well as presenting the winners of this year's Carbon Award.

3.40pm - In Memoriam

Professor Peter Thrower (Emeritus Editor, Carbon) will speak in memory of Professor Francisco (Paco) Rodriguez-Reinoso.

3.50pm - Panel discussion - Challenges in Carbon Science

An opportunity to explore future the futures challenges in carbon science in future especially from an industrial context.  Where will the hot topics be?  Where will the challenges be?


Professor Gareth Neighbour, Open University, UK (Senior Editor, Carbon)


Jim Reed, Chief Graphite Engineer, EDF Energy
Simon Moores, CEO, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence
Andriy Korchev, Senior Principal Scientist, Cabot Corporation
Peter Harris, University of Bristol
Andrew Keen, Associate Managing Consultant at CRU

4.50pm - Journal and editor workshop - insights into publishing with Carbon


Mauricio Terrones, Editor-in-Chief
Lauren Ashby, Executive Publisher, Elsevier
Gareth Neighbour, Senior Editor
Chris Ewels, Editor
Vincent Meunier, Editor-in-Chief, Carbon Trends

In this portion of the session, Carbon editors will provide an overview of the editorial process at the journal, and offer essential advice to help authors new to publishing in international journals, or new to publishing with Carbon.  This section will also feature an introduction to our new sister journal, Carbon Trends, presented by the EIC, Prof Vincent Meunier.

5.30pm - Informal Q&A with editors and drinks.

Refreshments will be provided at the end of the session, and editors will be available to meet with those interested in discussing potential submissions to the journal, or in working with the journal.

Following the carbon conference, the editors will be issuing a call for papers for a new special issue based based on industrial carbons and applications.  To register to receive information about this call, please email Lauren Ashby (, publisher, who will provide further details when available.

Article Collection

We are pleased to present a selection of recent articles from Carbon and Carbon Trends that relate to the conference theme, 'Carbon for a Cleaner Future'.

Togonon, J. J. H., Chiang, P. C., Lin, H. J., Tsai, W. C., & Yen, H. J. (2021). Pure carbon-based electrodes for metal-ion batteriesCarbon Trends3, 100035. 

Diez, N,, Sevilla, M, and Fuertes, A. B. (2021) "Synthesis strategies of templated porous carbons beyond the silica nanocasting technique." Carbon

Kicinski, W, and Dyjak, S. (2020) “Transition metal impurities in carbon-based materials: Pitfalls, artifacts and deleterious effects.” Carbon

Kurian, M. (2021) “Recent progress in the chemical reduction of graphene oxide by green reductants – A Mini review.Carbon Trends 

Nassar, G., Daou, E., Najjar, R., Bassil, M., & Habchi, R. (2021) "A review on the current research on graphene-based aerogels and their applications." Carbon Trends

Kurian, M., & Paul, A. (2021). Recent trends in the use of green sources for carbon dot synthesis–A short reviewCarbon Trends.


Elsevier is proud to publish Carbon, a flagship journal publishing research on carbonaceous materials.  To learn more about the journal and to submit your work, please visit the journal homepage.

We are also pleased to present our new sister journal to Carbon, the open access journal Carbon Trends, edited by Professor Vincent Meunier.  To learn more, please visit the journal homepage.