Tell us a bit about Boston Materials and its history

“Boston Materials designs and manufactures Carbon Supercomposite — a new class of carbon fiber composite that enables durable, safe and unique parts. Carbon Supercomposite is the first composite material that features both 3D and interlaminar reinforcement and is available in both prepreg and dry fabric form to enable immediate integration into existing manufacturing workflows.

“Boston Materials was founded by Anvesh Gurijala (founder and CEO) and Michael Segal (founder and COO) in 2016 as a Northeastern University spin-out and has its foundations in the breakthrough work done at Dr. Randall Erb’s Northeastern Directed Assembly of Particles and Suspensions (DAPS) laboratory. In recent months, the company has moved its operations to a 5000 square-foot facility in Bedford, Mass. (20 miles north of Boston), and hired Chief Commercial Officer Kedar Murthy — who has significant experience in bringing new and novel materials to market — to drive revenue growth, secured funding from Boston-based Clean Energy Ventures and SABIC Ventures, and installed a production line in preparation for a product launch this summer.”

What is carbon supercomposite?

“Carbon Supercomposite is a carbon fiber composite that uses a proprietary fiber alignment technology to vastly improve the performance of existing carbon fiber materials, unlocking a host of new applications and improvements to existing and future designs and structures. Boston Materials’ technology improves toughness and strength and allows for enhanced electrical and thermal conductivities. Its application is crucial to the advancement and improved efficiencies of the pressure vessel, wind energy, sporting goods, automotive and aircraft markets, and beyond.”

This article appeared in the September–October 2019 issue of Reinforced Plastics. Log in to your free profile to access the article.

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