4M Industrial Oxidation, a US carbon-fiber technology company, announced today the consummation of its reverse merger with Woodland Holdings Corp, an SEC reporting company. 4M has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Woodland, through which Woodland will conduct its business operations.

4M Industrial Oxidation was created to commercialize atmospheric plasma oxidation technology for the carbon fiber market with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The licensed technology creates a high-quality fiber and is one-third the size of conventional technology for the same production capacity, the company says. 4M's green technology also reportedly uses 75% less energy.

‘Our reverse merger with Woodland is a vital step in 4M becoming a public company and is a key element of our growth strategy,’ said Rodney Grubb, 4M's chairman and COO.  ‘This reverse merger is a significant accomplishment for the 4M team. We believe the positioning of 4M as a publicly-traded company will afford us the greatest opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly growing demand for low-cost carbon fiber around the world.’

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