The Automated Dynamics fibre placement machine will support research and development. It was funded by the Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO) as part of its Development of Sustainable Hyper Composite Technology initiative, a project aimed at developing carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics to reduce energy consumption and create a recycling society.

Automated Dynamics notes that it is estimated that using carbon fibre composite materials for at least half the body of modern aircraft will improve their fuel consumption by as much as 20%, while in the automotive industry, carbon fibre composites can reduce vehicle weight by as much as 30% and improve passenger safety.

MRC expects that carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics and the moulding technologies developed in this project will be used to manufacture a wide range of industrial parts that are strong and recyclable. The goal is to achieve sharp reductions in energy consumption and promote superior recyclability.

US company Automated Dynamics manufactures advanced composite structures and high performance composite processing equipment.

Mitsubishi Rayon Co Ltd (MRC) manufactures carbon fibre in Japan and the USA.