As electric bicycles (e-bikes) grow ever more popular, many designers feel that they need an extra boost of lightweight carbon fiber to make them a viable means of transport. Liz Nickels looked at what's at the cutting edge of this growing market for reinforced plastics.

M2S Bikes is based in Arden, North Carolina (NC) USA. Founded in 2015, the company has the goal, it claims, of bringing affordable, yet high quality electric bikes to the market. According to M2S, electric bikes are a godsend for those who are looking for a way to get to work or go out for a ride without breaking a sweat – allowing the rider to let the motor take the strain when the going gets too tough.

In 2016 M2S launched two new e-bike models, a carbon fiber electric bike and an electric fatbike (so called because of the thicker tires). Both bikes were initially funded through crowdfunding campaigns with the introduction of the carbon fiber bike, called the All-Go, facilitated by a Kickstarter campaign which successfully raised US$50,335 with 20 backers. Users pledging US$2000 or more received the bike, including battery and charger.

This article appeared in the Nov/Dec issue of Reinforced Plastics.

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