DSM’s EcoPaXX polyamide 410 is 70% derived from renewable resources.
PlastiComp, headquartered in Minnesota, USA, is a specialist in LFT composites design and manufacturing.
PlastiComp reports that the LFT composites it is developing with DSM – which include compounds reinforced with glass fibre as well as carbon fibre – have an excellent life cycle analysis (LCA) score, thanks to the carbon neutral cradle-to-gate footprint of the EcoPaXX polymer. 
Initial compounding, moulding and testing of carbon fibre reinforced EcoPaXX was successful in establishing benchmark composites for high-temperature (up to 200°C) and structural applications.  
PlastiComp and DSM will also collaborate with potential customers to design injection-moulded composite parts. 
While the principal focus of the partnership is on automotive applications, composites that DSM and PlastiComp are developing are also attractive in other metal-replacement applications.