The Eastern Petrochemical Company (EPETCO) glass fibre plant will be located in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

According to Dr Mohammed Al Najjar, President and CEO of EPETCO, EPETCO’s factory will be the largest factory in the Middle East for the production of corrosion resistant E-CR glass fibre strands and various related products such as chopped strand mat (CSM), woven roving, and chopped strands. The plant’s production capacity will be 60 000 tonnes per year initially. There are plans to raise this to 120 tonnes during the first two years.

Mr Faysal Hamza, Managing Director of EPETCO, says that the company has completed many of the initial tasks related to setting up the factory, including all formal requirements and permits for the project. EPETCO has also obtained all licenses and approvals relating to the allocation of electrical power for the plant, as well as the allocation of gas from Saudi Aramco to run the furnaces, and oxygen from SABIC, which will enable the increased productivity of the blast furnaces.

Dr Mohammed Al Najjar confirmed that the company has received most of the equipment and manufacturing machinery and has completed all civil works. He stressed that company will be using the most advanced technology the glass fibre industry has to offer and that the company will be recruiting the best candidates in the field to join the team in the Jubail plant.

The loan falls within the SIDF’s plan to support industrial projects that serve the industrial development of Saudi Arabia and contribute to the transfer of advanced technology from international companies specialised in the production of industrial materials needed in the region.