Automotive specialist Faurecia reports that it is joining the MAI Carbon of the Incorporated Society of Carbon Composites cluster, based in Augsburg, Germany.

The company plans to develop manufacturing processes that can reach automotive cycle times for mass production of composite parts.

Composites will contribute significantly toward Faurecia’s goal of weight reduction, the company says. Using carbon composites could provide weight savings of around 50% versus the equivalent part made from steel, while ten kilograms of weight savings could reduce CO2 emissions by 1g/km.

‘We are very proud to join the German Carbon Network with a clear objective to make composite parts for mass production vehicles in the early 2020s,’ said Christophe Schmitt, executive vice-president of Faurecia Clean Mobility.

Faurecia is already a member of the FORCE consortium in France which aims to produce low cost carbon fiber for the automotive industry.

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