Leipzig University has published a new academic study covering the benefits of carbon fiber components for use in the printing and papermaking industries.

According to carbon fiber component manufacturer Pronexos, Professor Dr. Lutz Engisch from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences presented the results of his research for the first time at the Packaging & Decorative Conference, which took place in Turin, Italy.

‘There is an increasing trend for using carbon fiber for components such as print cylinder sleeves for easier handling and idler rollers as they can reach higher rotational speeds than metal rollers for a given diameter,’ the study says. ‘This is particularly important when wide web widths are used such as in papermaking and polymer film manufacturing. Their use is also likely to increase in the industry due to the manufacturing tolerances of emerging industries such as flexible electronics and solar.’

Pronexos says that carbon fiber’s use in the printing industry for rollers and cylinders has so far not been well documented.

To receive a free copy of the study, email contact@pronexos.com.

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