“We are looking to the future and changing our name to reflect what we actually do – providing clean power from the wind," says Roland Sunden, CEO, LM Wind Power Group. "But the formation of LM Wind Power for example, is not just about a new name – it relies on the wealth of experience gained over nearly three decades and a renewed vision of the future.” 

LM has 30 years of experience in the manufacture and development of wind turbine blades.

The LM* Wind Power Group comprises LM Wind Power Blades (formerly LM Glasfiber), LM Wind Power Service and Logistics (a newly established operation) and Svendborg Brakes, acquired in 2009.

*The letters LM derive from the founding company, a small Danish wooden furniture manufacturer Lunderskov Mobelfabrik, which went on to experiment with fibreglass for other applications before beginning to manufacture wind turbine blades as LM Glasfiber in the 1970s.