Carbon fiber composite testing company DolphiTech plans to launch a new range of ultrasound instruments with extended capabilities for non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection of materials.

DolphiTech will offer NDT technology with interchangeable transducers for different materials and applications based on its ultrasound and transducer technology. The new DolphiCam 2 system will also include features for robotics integration, general network connectivity and remote expert inspections (Remote NDT). DolphiTech will also intensify its efforts to integrate 3D positioning, giving inspectors improved structural awareness through CAD data integration and more.

The product launch is planned for October 2017.

‘DolphiTech’s current product range is optimised for CFRP [carbon fiber reinforced plastic], but we want to offer a complete solution for multi-material structures,’ said says Eskil Skoglund, head of R&D. ‘Customers have asked us for flexibility to inspect different materials as well as multimaterial joints. And we want to improve the geometric access to the material, very important in the automotive industry.’

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