The new material is claimed to be stronger than Kevlar and other ballistic fabrics, but still flexible and lightweight.

The joint venture is called TorTech Nano Fibres LtdTorTech and is based in Israel.

"Through Tortech, we intend to produce a carbon nanotube-based yarn, which can be woven into the strongest-ever manmade material," reports Q-Flo's CEO, Dr Dai Hayward. "Plasan's expertise will then enable the design and production of a revolutionary new range of body and vehicle armour."

Plasan will have exclusive sales and marketing rights to defence-related materials, whilst Q-Flo will retain rights for other potential applications.

Q-Flo was formed in 2004 by Professor Alan Windle and Dr Martin Pick as a spin-off company from the Department of Materials Science at the University of Cambridge. Q-Flo is commercialising a carbon nanotube fibre process which was invented in the university.

"This is an exciting venture since we believe Q-Flo's carbon nanotubes have the potential to revolutionise the defence industry through a new range of lightweight, flexible and incredibly strong armoured material," comments Dan Ziv, CEO of the Plasan Group, which is headquartered in Israel.