The PlastiComp carbon fibre composite pultrusion line.
The PlastiComp carbon fibre composite pultrusion line.

PlastiComp, located in Winona, Minnesota, focuses on long fibre reinforced thermoplastic technologies, including long fibre thermoplastic (LFT) pelletised compounds and manufacturing equipment for LFT pultrusion. The company's injection mouldable Complet® LFT compounds are available in a  range of resins from polypropylene (PP) to PEEK.

PlastiComp introduced its carbon fibre reinforced Complet LFT composite pellets in 2006. Demand for these products which has now reached a level where investing in a dedicated production line was justified, reports Steve Bowen, President and CEO of PlastiComp.

PlastiComp claims its new carbon fibre pultrusion line is the only one in the compounding industry to be dedicated solely to manufacturing carbon fibre LFT composites.

Advantages of carbon fibre LFT

Using carbon fibre reinforcement, LFT composites offer up to 50% reduction in weight, and increased strength and stiffness, while retaining toughness that is similar to equivalent glass fibre reinforced LFT materials, reports PlastiComp.

Carbon fibre reinforcement also enhances fatigue and creep properties and provides high electrical and thermal conductivities.