UK based Axon Automotive Ltd, has recently been 100% acquired by Bawtry Investments Ltd from Far-UK Ltd.

According to Bawtry Investments the acquisition has technically and commercially strengthened its composite materials group. Axon makes Axontex carbon fiber structural beam technology which has a lightweight design with the ability to crush progressively, absorbing large amounts of kinetic energy.

‘This is a very exciting time for the Axon Automotive team,’ said Chris Taylor, who is continuing as managing director of Axon Automotive. ‘The new owners are committed to recapitalising the business to fund further export growth and meet customer demand, not just in Europe, but also in India, China and other parts of Asia.’  In the last three years, Axon Automotive has had double digit growth in export orders, with a increase in the proportion of overseas sales to non-EU based customers.

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