The hybrid carbon fibre material, AMC®-8590-12CFH.
The hybrid carbon fibre material, AMC®-8590-12CFH.

Quantum Composites says that the material is a cost-effective, lightweight and high-strength alternative for traditional fibreglass and metal applications in the automotive, heavy truck, medical, sporting goods and industrial markets.

The hybrid carbon fibre material, AMC®-8590-12CFH, is an Advanced Molding Compound® that offers the performance benefits of carbon fibre at a cost similar to high-performance fibreglass. It is claimed to be easily mouldable, delivering parts that are high strength, low density, and resistant to fatigue.

The hybrid compound can be customised to achieve specific application requirements and is suitable for fast cure compression moulding to form complex parts in high-volume production.

“Quantum Composites’ hybrid carbon fibre has the power to open doors that were previously closed. This new material - with its improved flexural and tensile moduli at a significant cost reduction - has created the opportunity for new thermoset applications,” said Wisdom Dzotsi, general manager, Quantum Composites.

AMC-8590-12CFH is part of Quantum’s AMC-8500 Engineered Structural Composite® (ESC®) series. Quantum’s ESC® materials are available in a range of product offerings, including carbon or glass reinforcement in epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester, phenolic, BMI and polyimide resin matrices.