Quantum's unidirectional AMC 8595 carbon fibre moulding compound.
Quantum's unidirectional AMC 8595 carbon fibre moulding compound.

Designed to replace steel, aluminium and many traditional composites, Quantum Composites claims AMC-8590-50 delivers the cost, weight and performance targets needed to develop lighter weight structural and semi-structural automotive components.

AMC-8590-50 utilises high tow 50K carbon fibre reinforcement.

Quantum’s AMC carbon fibre reinforced moulding compounds now include a low filament tow count of 3K, mid-range offerings of 12K and 24K, and a high tow count of 50K. Compounds with these carbon fibre reinforcements are available in various chopped lengths (12 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm) as well as in continuous fibres (unidirectional and woven).

Continuous fibre versions can be co-moulded with chopped fibre compounds for local reinforcement or as stand-alone material solutions.

AMC carbon fibre materials are available in various resin matrices such as vinyl ester AMC-8500 & AMC-8500HT High Temp series, Epoxy Lytex® 4100 series, Phenolic AMC-2500 series, and Bismaleimide (BMI) HTC-9500 series.

Quantum Composites of Bay City, Michigan, USA, is part of The Composites Group, located in North Kingsville, Ohio.