RadiciGroup adds that Radistrong® offers better impact strength, higher creep and fatigue resistance, and greater mechanical resistance and stiffness at high temperatures compared to conventional polyamides.

Radistrong specialities are available in PA 6 and 66 versions and, due to their characteristics, are ideal for metal replacement in critical applications (with high operating temperatures or mechanical and thermal stress for long periods of time), where high performance, not attainable by traditional engineering plastics, is required.

The Radistrong long-fibre specialities are manufactured by pultrusion and are available with from 20-60% glass-fibre fill.

Automotive and household appliances

The main application areas are likely to be automotive and household appliances.

In automotive, these will include pump housings, engine mounts, intercooler end caps and under-the-bonnet structural components.

Applications in household appliances will include appliance hinges.