Tees Valley Unlimited, a local enterprise partnership for the Tees Valley in the UK focused on delivering jobs and economic growth to the area, and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), have commissioned NetComposites to report on potential demand for composites among UK based automotive suppliers and to identify any gaps within the UK composites supply chain.

The purpose of the research was to firstly views on the adoption of volume composites amongst automotive OEMs and to assess if the Tees Valley could be positioned to host known 'energy intensive' segments of the composites supply chain, such as precursor and carbon fiber manufacture.

According to Tees Valley Unlimited, the Tees Valley is Western Europe's 2nd largest chemical producing region and offers embedded power generation and private wire networks enabling companies to benefit from lower power and utilities costs compared to many other UK manufacturing locations.

‘The [report...] gives Tees Valley a clearer view on the investor opportunities that best align with the unique assets and skills base in our area,’ said Neil Kenley, director of business investment, Tees Valley Unlimited.

The report is now available to the public here (pdf).

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