RPC Technologies Pty Ltd and Nuplex Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd established a joint venture to acquire the business and assets of Fibrelogic Pty Ltd in June 2011. The joint venture company, RPC Pipe Systems Pty Ltd, will be headquartered in Lonsdale, South Australia.

RPC Pipe Systems will acquire the business and assets of Fibrelogic Pipe Systems on a cash free and debt free basis. 

The acquisition of Fibrelogic significantly increases RPC Technologies' composites capacity and capabilities, and improves its our product offering within the piping and industrial markets, says Tony Caristo, Managing Director, RPC Technologies Pty Ltd.

According to Emery Severin, CEO of Nuplex, Nuplex sees opportunities for growth for GRP pipes used in water, infrastructure and mining applications in Australia. Nuplex's composites business will also have a long term supply agreement with the joint venture.

GRP pipe

Fibrelogic is manufacturer of continuously wound glass reinforced plastic (GRP) piping. It has a manufacturing and support licence with Amiantit (including the Flowtite brand) and produces its products from manufacturing facilities in Lonsdale, South Australia.

RPC Technologies Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia, is a manufacturer of composite products for the industrial (water and waste management), transport, defence and mining, and oil and gas sectors in Australia and overseas.

Nuplex Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nuplex Industries Ltd, New Zealand, is a leading manufacturer of adhesives, construction products, paper and composite resins in Australia. It is also a distributor of raw materials and speciality chemicals to the plastics, general industrial, food and pharmaceutical industries. Nuplex is a supplier of raw materials to Fibrelogic and RPC Technologies.

By acquiring the business and assets of Fibrelogic, RPC Pipe Systems will be one of the leading players in the Australian GRP pipe market.

With significant new water and waste water management and mining expansion opportunities becoming available in South Australia (e.g. Olympic Dam Project), as well as in other areas throughout Australia in the coming years, RPC Pipe Systems foresees considerable scope for long term growth.