Prepreg-ACM, a part of the Composite Holding Company, and a manufacturer of carbon fiber-based fabrics and prepregs has opened a warehouse to sell its products in European Union countries. The warehouse is located in Kladno, Czech Republic.

The warehouse holds a range of CF-based multiaxial and aesthetic fabrics to be used for manufacturing polymeric composite materials in European countries.

When compared with conventional CF fabrics and tapes, multiaxial fabrics can demonstrate better deflection, compression, and tensile test results, as well as better mechanical properties of fluctuating load resistance. Stitching together several layers of fiber improves the product mechanical properties, makes the product lighter and allows for using less resin. Such materials are mainly used in marine and auto manufacturing industries.

Key products

Aesthetic fabrics are characterized by unique patterns and colours and are manufactured from carbon fiber with 3,000 filaments (3K) with FAW 200 gsm and heavier, as well as hybrid fabrics from aramid, glass and other types of fiber. These materials are used for interior, cars, sporting goods element decoration, as well as for manufacturing light aircraft parts.

‘There are always about 20 key products available at the warehouse ready to be delivered to any European Union country within 3-4 business days,’ said European sales manager Artemiy Redchenko.

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