The Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) has announced the winners of its Top of Mind award, which includes representatives from the main companies of the Brazilian composites market.

This year there were 4,094 votes, distributed in 25 categories. The percentage of votes were:

Polyester resin: Ashland (45.05%)
Epoxy resin: Olin (26.99%)
Vinyl ester resin: Ashland (51.43%)
Glass fiber: Owens Corning (54.89%)
Carbon fiber: Texiglass (44.83%)
Adhesive: Lord (57.39%)
Peroxide: Polinox (46.24%)
Gelcoat: Morquímica (27.12%)
Molding compound: Tecnofibras (20.42%)
Release agent: Redelease (52.12%)
Additive: BYK (54.55%)
Manual process (hand lay-up / spray-up): Marcopolo (24.71%)
RTM: MVC (24.70%)
SMC: Tecnofibras (30.43%)
BMC: BMC do Brasil (48.25%)
Pultrusion: Cogumelo (23.64%)
Infusion: MVC (22.98%)
Filament winding: Petrofisa (19.05%)
Continuous lamination: Fibralit (39.74%)
Molds manufacturers: AJB Souza (33.04%)
Fabrics for reinforcements: Texiglass (33.94%)
Equipment: Fibermaq (57.49%)
Distributor: Redelease (53.53%)
Innovation: MVC (25%)
Composites industry: MVC (21.08%)

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