Textile group Chomarat has signed a distribution agreement with Velox, a European distributor in the market for composite materials. The partnership agreement covers the distribution of Chomarat reinforcements for carbon composites, in France, Italy, and the UK, as well as the distribution of Chomarat’s complete range of carbon and glass reinforcements in Turkey.

Chomarat says that this new partnership will enable the company to extend its network in France, Italy and the UK for its carbon fabric and multiaxial ranges.

Accoridng to the company, the composite market is booming in Turkey, in particular in the transportation sector. Relying on Velox’s presence in the Turkish market, Chomarat will build up its Rovicore glass fiber reinforced sandwich reinforcement line, which was developed by Chomarat for closed-mold processes.

‘The idea is to step up our glass activities and still offer our customers more flexibility over the entire range of our reinforcements,’ said Vincent Cholvy, in charge of the Turkish market at Chomarat. 

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