PlastiComp’s Complet Hybrid long glass+carbon fiber composite material range.
PlastiComp’s Complet Hybrid long glass+carbon fiber composite material range.

PlastiComp Inc has added two thermoplastic polymer matrices to its Complet Hybrid long glass+carbon fiber composite material range. 

The material, which combines long glass fiber and long carbon fiber together in a single ready-to-mold composite pellet, is now available in polypropylene (PP) and engineered thermoplastic polyurethane (ETPU). Last year it were initially introduced containing nylon 6/6 (PA 6/6).

‘Carbon fiber’s higher cost is the only real disadvantage preventing its wider use,’ said Steve Bowen, president and CEO of PlastiComp. ‘By offering long glass and carbon fiber combinations we are able to significantly lower carbon fiber’s cost to entry barrier without compromising its high performance benefits.’

‘If durability is a concern we can formulate a product that has more long glass fiber to improve impact resistance, if higher load carrying ability is needed then we move to products that include additional long carbon fiber to increase stiffness and strength,’ added Eric Wollan, technical director at PlastiComp. ‘Hybrids really provide a lot more material options for product designers and engineers to better balance performance versus cost instead of having just all-glass or all-carbon reinforcement choices.’

According to Wollan, the material is also suitable for the automotive and consumer/sporting goods markets. 

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