SGL Group will be introducing a material ‘tool box’ at the Composites Europe Trade Show 2016 in Düsseldorf.

 The ‘tool box’ consists of pre-impregnated semi-finished products based on the new Snap-Cure epoxy resin developed in-house. This E420 epoxy resin system reportedly has very fast curing times (≤ 3 minutes at ≥ 150°C) and good storage stability (4 weeks at room temperature). The pre-impregnated semi-finished products also have improved tack for automated processing. The high glass transition temperature of 140- 50°C enables the component to be demolded at high temperatures. These materials are supplied on the basis of SIGRAFIL 50k carbon fibers and as glass fiber-reinforced semi-finished products.

‘The various materials in our new material tool box can be flexibly combined and processed, so offering maximum design freedom to users,’ said Stefan Geh, head of product groups at SGL Group. ‘At the same time, they reduce the complexity involved in the qualification and production of components.’

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