Carbon news, May 2016

Adding a very small amount of graphene to rubber films can increase both their strength and elasticity by up to 50%.

Graphene aerogel has light touch

ultra-lightweight, biocompatible aerogel has been created from graphene oxide and a polymer

Sandwiching graphene between two layers of boron nitride produces a 'superlattice' that allows a single photon to excite multiple electrons.

Wellbores drilled to extract oil and gas can be reinforced with a mixture of graphene nanoribbons and a thermoset polymer.

Silver nanowire films are proving to be an ideal replacement for indium tin oxide in flexible, touch-screen displays.

Particulate emissions from a diesel exhaust are heavily influenced by the fuel’s composition.

Graphene coatings could save energy by eliminating friction and reduce wear and tear on mechanical components.

The heat transfer abilities of graphene nanoflakes can be enhanced by functionalizing them with amino-based and azide-based silane molecules.

Scientists have created an artificial protein that is able to construct a lattice made from buckyballs.

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