Carbon news, December 2020

Researchers have developed a novel porous, carbon-based anode material that can increase the energy density of sodium-ion batteries.

Researchers have discovered that the electrons in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene can create 'topological quantum states'.

By replicating the design of a mammal bone, researchers have improved the structural integrity of the cathode for a sodium-ion battery.

By using nanosheets and graphene foam in an island-bridge design, researchers have developed stretchable micro-supercapacitor arrays.

Single-walled carbon nanotubes can emit a delayed secondary fluorescence when triggered by a process involving dye molecules and oxygen.

Researchers have found that their new graphene-based heat pipe is better at cooling electronics and power systems than a copper-based heat pipe.

Researchers have directly visualized quantum dots in bilayer graphene, revealing the shape of the quantum wave function of the trapped electrons.

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