Carbon news, January 2022

Researchers have shown that sound can be used to analyze the production of laser-induced graphene in real time to determine its form and quality.

Inducing spin-orbit coupling in magic-angle graphene makes it a powerful ferromagnet

algorithm can predict the location of nanosilica particles in a nanocomposite and will aid the design of better materials

By inducing a phenomenon known as spin-orbit coupling, researchers have shown they can turn magic-angle graphene into a powerful ferromagnet.

Researchers have discovered a symmetry-breaking electronic nematic phase in twisted double bilayer graphene.

Researchers have discovered how electronic charge is transported in several inkjet-printed films of 2D materials.

Researchers have developed a method to stabilize the zigzag edges of graphene nanoribbons and directly measure their magnetic properties.

Simple and effective approach to manufacturing a super hard material from bulk natural wood

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Scientists have developed a novel material made from graphene oxide and a protein that can self-assemble into tissue-like vascular structures.