Carbon news, March 2022

2D molecular sieve with range of uses

Sieve for molecules from 2D silicon dioxide

Researchers get measure of electron correlations in 2D material

For the first time, researchers have directly detected electron correlations in a special insulating state of a 2D material called ABC trilayer graphene.

carbon fiber-based composite battery electrodes could pave the way for high-performance structural components with energy storage capabilities

Researchers have developed a novel process for predicting and guiding the ordered creation of strong yet flexible diamond nanothreads.

A novel approach for detecting non-uniformities in the optical properties of 2D materials could allow them to be used for sensing applications.

Researchers have found a way to bind diphosphorus to a single metal center to produce a stable molecular complex.

metal-free electrocatalysts based on organic molecules with napthalenediimide (NDI) functional groups offer a promising alternative to Pt catalysts

simple method produces anatase-based Ti carbo-oxides, as well as other 2D nanomaterials at ambient conditions from inexpensive green precursors

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