The Carbon journal editorial team and the international carbon community all mourn the recent passing of Sir Harold Walter Kroto (1939-2016).   We invite you to read a tribute to Harry and his scientific contributions written by Carbon editor Mauricio Terrones and Humberto Terrones:

Harold Walter Kroto: A carbon scientist, humanist, spectroscopist,graphic designer, tennis player and friend (1939-2016)

and to visit a selection of Harry’s papers in Carbon and his entire specialCarbon issue on fullerenes:

Special Issue on Fullerenes, Harold Kroto, Guest editor;Carbon Volume 30, Issue 8, Pages 1139-1286 (1992)

Other papers:

Pyrolytic carbon nanotubes from vapor-grown carbon fibers
Carbon, Volume 33, Issue 7, 1995, Pages 873-881

High temperature annealing effects on carbon spheres and their applications as anode materials in Li-ion secondary battery
CarbonVolume 44, Issue 4, April 2006, Pages 724–729

Synthesis of nanotubes via catalytic pyrolysis of acetylene: A SEM study
Carbon Volume 35, Issue 7, 1997, Pages 951-966

 Assembly of cross-linked multi-walled carbon nanotube mats
Carbon Volume 48, Issue 4, April 2010, Pages 987–994

Direct confirmation that carbon nanotubes still react covalently after removal of acid-oxidative lattice fragments
Carbon Volume 48, Issue 3, March 2010, Pages 916–918

A flexible cross-linked multi-walled carbon nanotube paper for sensing hydrogen
Carbon Volume 50, Issue 7, June 2012, Pages 2672–2674

 Transport properties of cross-linked fullerenol–PVA membranes
Carbon Volume 76, September 2014, Pages 446–450

Piezoelectric enhanced cross-linked multi-walled carbon nanotube paper
Carbon Volume 64, November 2013, Pages 544–547

A synergistic approach to light-free catalysis using zinc oxide embedded multi-walled carbon nanotube paper
Carbon Volume 77, October 2014, Pages 705–709