Carbon publishes special issue on EuroGRAPHENE research

The Elsevier journal Carbon has just announced publication of a virtual special issue on research highlights from the EuroGRAPHENE funding program. Following the discovery of graphene in 2004 by European researchers, nations around the world established strong research activities in both academic and industrial laboratories.  The EuroGRAPHENE program was launched in 2009 by the European Science Foundation, as one of the first coordinated multinational efforts to understand and exploit this exciting new material.  When the program ended in 2013, it was rated as “highly successful” by an external review panel, and its success paved the way for the larger follow-on Graphene Flagship program (

The Carbon special issue features an ensemble of 15 primary research articles that reflect the enormous variety of scientific fields interested in graphene, from physics to chemistry, to surface science, and nanotechnology.   The guest editors also provide us with a lead article that gives their perspectives on the graphene research field and the important role played by this seminal European research project.

The special issue is live on the journal homepage, click on the link below to view it.

Special Issue from CARBON: EuroGRAPHENE