In January 2013, the EU announced graphene as a billion euro technology flagship, signaling a continent-wide effort to advance the development of the revolutionary material to mass-market applications. This cements the understanding that scientific research must work alongside industry and market leaders to ensure development progresses towards industrially viable applications, rather than being confined to the lab.

However, many questions remain before the commercialization of graphene can be realized:

  • What are the timelines and roadmaps for these applications?
  • Will material capability translate into device performance?
  • How much will the material cost and in what qualities and quantities will it be available?
  • Is production scalable?

Bringing together industry and academic leaders from across the globe, the Graphene Commercialisation And Applications Summit (25th-26th June) will assess graphene’s present day and future uses in terms of market opportunity, performance capability, and production scalability. By addressing issues from production to product, the event will provide a unique opportunity to drive development in this new technology space, as well revealing the potential for cross sector collaboration.

To comprehensively assess these issues, vital to evaluating the “wonder-material”, speakers from across aerospace, consumer electronics, automotive, defense, displays, imaging, academia such as BAE, Samsung, Airbus, Nokia, Thales, Volvo, Bosch and more will provide you with invaluable insights into the game changing nature of this new technology.

With now less than 2 weeks to go, if you haven't already, the time to register is now. There are a huge spectrum of companies registering daily and this is opportunity not to be missed.

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