ICDCM 2016 Young Scholar Award Winners Announced

The International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials  (ICDCM) “Young Scholar Award” recognizes researchers in the early stage of their career and offers them an opportunity to highlight their recent results on an international stage through a combination of oral and poster presentations. This year, five winners received this honor at ICDCM 2016, held in Montpellier, France.

Three winners of the Gold award are: Satoshi Kobayashi, Osaka University (Japan),  Joana Vasconcelos, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and Bjoern-Christoph Gallheber, Augsburg University (Germany).

Kerem Bray, University of Technology Sydney (Australia) and Shohei Kanada, Kanazawa University (Japan) are the winners of the Silver award.

Congratulations !