Raman spectroscopy is a powerful, effective tool for carbon nanotube characterization. This fast, non-destructive technique provides highly detailed information at the molecular level.

This presentation will provide a thorough understanding of:

  • what is represented in a Raman spectrum
  • how to obtain representative Raman spectra from bulk samples of carbon materials
  • key parameters (physical nature of carbon materials, instrument considerations, experimental onditions and sampling methods) to considered for a Raman measurement
  • how to optimize the aforementioned  parameters to ensure that you are capturing everything necessary for supporting routine analytical measurements of carbon nanotubes and related materials.

Who Should Attend:

  • Producers of Carbon Nanotubes and other carbon materials ( i.e. graphene nanoparticles)
  • Users of Carbon nanotubes and carbon materials
  • Material Scientists/ Researchers involved in composite materials


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