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Characterization events, April 2015

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Apr ’15

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Apr ’15

Wear of Materials 2015 will focus on both the fundamental and applied aspects of wear and friction of materials at the macro-, micro-, and nano-scale.

Apr ’15

Apr ’15

Webinar: Advances in high-res and high-speed AFM.

Apr ’15

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A new 3D inkjet printing system can work with a much wider range of materials by using computer vision to monitor the printing process.


Researchers have confirmed the presence of quantum spin liquid behavior in a new material with a triangular atomic structure.


vacancies can be used to engineer the mechanical toughness and fracture behavior of transition metal dichalcogenides

Current research


When placed between the two electrodes of a lithium-metal battery, a graphene oxide 'nanosheet' can prevent the formation of lithium dendrites.