The purpose of this conference is to bring together various stakeholders in a single forum to address these issues. Production and consumption of magnesium alloys is at a nascent stage in India.  It is anticipated that this conference will give a fillip to the usage of magnesium alloys in India by disseminating the current state of the art in research and industrial practices to a wider audience.

iMagCon 2016 is the first-of-its-kind international conference in India, dealing solely with magnesium and its alloys. Jointly organized by IIM Chennai Chapter and VIT University, this conference will focus on basic academic research related to magnesium, as well as connected industry challenges. Accordingly, papers are invited from academicians dealing with fundamental research, as well as professionals from the industry. The conference will have both technical sessions and industrial exhibitions, thereby providing an excellent opportunity for those focused on various aspects of magnesium research to come together on the same platform, sharing their ideas, experience and innovations in the field.