And is pleased to announce the new line up of cost-effective microscopes for 2010. Excellent delivery backed with a limited lifetime warranty make Meiji a "must see" alternative for laboratories upgrading their microscope suites.

The all-new MT9900 Series Polarizing Microscopes are perfect for the study of thin sections and other mounted samples. They come with a focusable Bertrand lens, a rotatable analyzer in a sliding mount with 360° graduation and a 3-position slider with 1st order red, 1/4 wave plate and Brightfield imaging.

The EMZ-13VX has a coaxial vertical fiber optic illuminator which is excellent for observing flat, highly reflective specimens such as integrated circuits, semiconductors, wafers, polished metal specimens, solder balls, or magnetic recording heads.

The MT5000 Series biological microscopes feature larger F.N.22 eyepieces, top line U.Plan objectives, larger wider stage with low ergonomic controls and the choice of LED or 30W halogen illumination. They are available in Brightfield and Phase Contrast models. Darkfield and simple polarized light accessories are available too.

The TC5000 Series Inverted Microscopes from Meiji Techno feature new improved infinity optics and computer aided design. Brightfield, phase contrast and epi-fluorescence models are available.

To learn more about the products and services in light microscopy, visit Meiji's web site at