Selecting the ideal surface analysis software for a given instrument or combination of instruments is simplicity itself. The unequalled range of MountainsMap® 6 standard solutions includes dedicated software for tactile and optical scanning profilers, confocal laser scanning microscopes, white light interferometers, scanning probe microscopes, optical microscopes, form and contour measurement systems, scattered light measurement instruments, imaging systems, and workshop roughness meters.

With native 64 bit code and optimal exploitation of multi-core technology, the new software provides unprecedented surface analysis power. It both accelerates calculations and provides excellent performance with large measurement data sets and advanced applications that require heavy processing.
Numerous enhancements to the user interface make MountainsMap® 6 even easier to use and faster. They include larger more intuitive icons, single-click in-document navigation via the page viewer, and the ability to change the fonts and sizes of axis numbers on the fly. Surface scale can be perceived instantly by superimposing a scale bar on the surface.  Page sizes in the desktop publishing environment can be automatically matched to screen size for onscreen presentations and video conferences.
Digital Surf participates on national and international standards committees and Mountains Technology® is appreciated for its compliance with the latest standards and methods. MountainsMap® 6 provides the right parameters everywhere by not only calculating ISO parameters but also displaying ASME parameters and NF, DIN, UNI, JIS, UNE and BSI equivalents of ISO parameters when they are available.
New analysis features include advanced multi-resolution wavelet filtering techniques (ISO 16610), the automatic detection of spherical motifs, and many more. In addition MountainsMap® makes it possible to surpass measuring instrument specifications by increasing the measurement range in software. Multiple overlapping measurements made on a regular horizontal grid can be stitched together automatically. Similarly multiple measurements made at different heights can be patched together. In both cases a single surface is assembled that is ready for analysis.
“Much of the increased power of MountainsMap® 6 is due to enhancements to the underlying Mountains Technology® platform,” stated François Blateyron, Chief Operations Officer of Digital Surf. “Optimal exploitation of the latest software technologies not only makes Mountains the most powerful surface analysis platform today, it is also provides a solid foundation for future development.”