CSM is pleased to announce our webinar entitled "Nanomechanical testing of some challenging soft materials". This is presented in partnership with Materials Today (Elsevier) and is scheduled on 14th December.

Characterization of soft materials (such as polymers, elastomers, gels or cells) by indentation has always been challenging because these materials exhibit time-dependent mechanical properties. Their visco-elastic properties are characterized by their storage and loss moduli, whereas the response of the material to a constant load is described by its creep properties. Since these properties are time-dependent, the use of experimental techniques with perfect thermal stability is required so that the results are not discredited by the inherent error of the measurement technique. The most important source of errors in indentation is a phenomenon called thermal drift, which can be monitored as a change in displacement signal while constant load is applied on a thermally stable material such as fused silica.

CSM Instruments has recently developed an indentation system with an extremely low value of thermal drift. This instrument, the Ultra Nanoindentation Tester (UNHT), almost completely eliminates the effect of thermal drift due to its unique patented active surface referencing system and it is therefore perfectly suited for long term measurements on all types of materials.

This webinar presents results of studies on several types of polymers, elastomers, gels and cells and explains the new and unique methodology used for creep and visco-elastic properties measurements.

Live Q & A session following the webinar presentation

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