Now outfitted with the optional and field-retrofittable Cold FEG, the ARM200F’s ultrahigh imaging resolution is guaranteed at 78 picometers with an energy resolution of 0.3 eV. The higher brightness and smaller source size of the Cold FEG produce a smaller, sharper electron probe with a dramatically larger probe current, resulting in enhanced atom-by-atom imaging and chemical analysis. 

Additionally, the narrow energy spread of the electrons emitted from the Cold FEG enables atomic resolution analysis of EELS fine structures, which can be used to determine such things as electronic properties. 

An ultra-high vacuum near the electron source assures high stability of the electron probe current while high electrical system stability of 10-7 maintains the very narrow energy spread of the electron probe.

The JEOL ARM200F electron column integrates the Cold FEG, S/TEM and Cs correction in an unparalleled, ultra-stable design. Superior shielding safeguards the ultrahigh-powered optics from airflow, vibration, acoustical, magnetic, electronic, and thermal interferences.
The first ARM200F with Cold FEG in the USA will be installed at Florida State University’s Applied Superconductivity Center, housed in the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. 
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