Novitom becomes the first private sector service provider dedicated to synchrotron micro-imaging analysis: using the penetrating power of synchrotron photon beams to perform non-invasive, non-destructive analyses of matter.

The different properties of materials (the crispness of a biscuit, the elasticity of foam, the stiffness of a reinforced compound) are the result of the make-up of their own internal architecture. The ability to understand and control this microstructure is enormously beneficial, helping the world of science and Industry to control the characteristics of objects via bespoke manufacturing or formulation processes. By exploiting high intensity photon beam sources to perform chemical and structural scientific analyses, it is possible to determine the internal structure of products and samples with incredible detail.

While lab based solutions are nothing new, Novitom has become the first private company to apply the technique using a synchrotron source. This technique provides 3D microscopic reconstructions of matter of the highest quality and with unprecedented levels of contrast, even with materials offering low levels of absorption.

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