The AFM community has long desired a silicon nitride lever with a sharper tip for imaging in fluids. Veeco’s revolutionary hybrid SiN/Si manufacturing process has enabled the realization of this goal by combining the low spring constant softness of a silicon nitride cantilever with the sharpness of a silicon tip. This process has dramatically improved the traditional probe radii limits of 10 to 20 nanometers to a radius of curvature as low as 2 nanometers. These probes have already delivered unprecedented high-resolution imaging in both air and fluid with Contact Mode and TappingModeTM operation.

Other features worth mentioning:
 The new SNL Probes can be used on any AFM instrument
 Two configurations are available, NP/DNP levers and MLCT/MSCT levers
 The silicon tips can be functionalized easily for molecular recognition and other advanced applications
The SNL Probes are available immediately at In addition to the new SNL Probes, Veeco manufactures and sells the world's most complete line of probes and accessories for current and next-generation AFM applications, including tips customized for electrical and magnetic applications, nanoindentation, and nearly every other advanced AFM technique.