Materialism Podcast - Episode 61: Catalysis at the Toyota Research Institute

We partnered with the Toyota Research Institute to take a dive into the science behind catalysis with researcher Joseph Montoya. Learn how catalytic converters drastically change the makeup of your car's exhaust and help create cleaner air for us all.   Articles:   The tough calculus of emissions and the future of EVs   MOF-derived carbonaceous materials enriched with nitrogen: Preparation and applications in adsorption and catalysis Single atom is not alone: Metal–support interactions in single-atom catalysis   This episode is sponsored by Toyota Research Institutes. Check out their homepage here. Take a look at jobs here   This episode is sponsored by Materials Today, an Elsevier community dedicated to the creation and sharing of materials science knowledge and experience through their peer-reviewed journals, academic conferences, educational webinars, and more.   Thanks to Kolobyte and Alphabot for letting us use their music in the show!   If you have questions or feedback please send us emails at or connect with us on social media: InstagramTwitter.   Materialism Team: Taylor Sparks (co-creator,co-host), Andrew Falkowski (co-creator,co-host) Jared Duffy (production, marketing, and editing), Ramsey Issa(editing assistance).   Keywords: Toyota Car Catalysis Catalytic Converter Smog Exhaust Platinum Nitrogen Oxide Rhodium

Episode 61