With the launch of the innovative (patent-pending) Epsilon 3X automation, PANalytical combines the advantages of a benchtop X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer with an automation environment.

The Epsilon 3X automation option is a simple and flexible solution interfacing your existing Epsilon 3 or new Epsilon 3X analyzer to any sample preparation equipment. The instrument is enclosed in a sealed cabinet for safe operation and protection against dust, making it extremely robust. The flexible sample introduction system is specifically designed to handle a variety of prepared samples coming from a belt, a robot or even from a manual input slide.

Simon Milner, product marketing manager X-ray spectrometry, comments: “The smart combination of the Epsilon 3X benchtop with an automation environment in a sealed cabinet provides a robust and flexible solution for automated process control. It ensures fast and consistently accurate data acquisition. This cost-effective and compact analytical tool is suitable for applications in a wide range of industries such as building materials and mining”.

About the Epsilon 3X spectrometer

Built upon the experience and success of their predecessors, Epsilon 3X instruments are benchtop energy dispersive XRF spectrometers, powered by the latest advances in excitation and detection technology. Designed to be reliable and simple to operate, they have outstanding analytical performance, right across the periodic table.

Epsilon 3X is equipped with 50 kV excitation and the latest high-resolution silicon drift detector enabling analysis of elements from sodium up to americium. As inherent to XRF analysis elements can be quantified in concentrations ranging from ppm to wt %, with little or no sample preparation required.

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