Lake Shore to feature new DC Hall measurement system

The new system uses a 7-inch magnet and produces higher fields than the company’s existing Model 8404 HMS, for those materials requiring higher DC fields for characterization.
This new system is ideal for measuring materials with mobilities from 1 to 106 cm2/V s and for making variable temperature measurements. The Model 8407 provides higher field strengths at variable temperatures than is possible with the Model 8404. The higher field of the Model 8407 is also an advantage when analyzing materials that fall at the low end of the mobility range of DC measurements.
Lake Shore will also soon release an updated version of its 8400 Series software, which will offer Model 8404 and Model 8407 users greater flexibility in performing various measurements, such as:

•    van der Pauw and Hall bar measurements
•    measurements of samples with gated Hall bars to account for gate bias
•    time loops of measurements for longer unattended operation
•    other functions for easier system control

“The new system and software will enable even better measurements for furthering materials research,” said Brad Dodrill, Lake Shore VP of Sales.

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