Passive anti-vibration platforms for microscopes and vibration sensitive equipment

The ease of use and excellent stability of the KL-AVP anti-vibration platform makes it ideal for microscope users who need to eliminate vibrations. No installation is required. Simply mount the microscope onto the platform and it is ready for use. If necessary the bearings can be exchanged easily. The KL-AVP vibration isolation platforms are passive, mechanical and maintenance free. There are no air hoses or supporting hardware required. Different sizes and shapes are available. The price / performance ratio of the KL-AVP is excellent. Vibration isolation platforms for microscopes from Carl Zeiss, Leica Microsystems, Mitutoyo, Nikon and Olympus are available.  The platforms are adapted to the shape of the microscopes. Customized platforms can be manufactured.
Working with springs, the vibration isolation bearings are passive, small, and efficient. The bearings isolate effectively for the horizontal and vertical vibration components. The superior performance of the bearings in all six degrees of freedom makes the isolation platform the best choice for eliminating unwanted vibrations. Fixing screws (optional) allow locking the bearings if needed. Depending on the microscope’s weight, different bearings will be installed. The platform itself is a powder coated steel plate where three or four vibration isolation bearings are inserted.
Anti vibration platforms for sensitive, but heavy measurement machines as well as hardness testers are also available. Klughammer manufactures platforms for special microscopes or other instrument according to customer drawings.