Researchers in many industries face significant issues in studying mechanical properties of a broad range of materials at high temperatures that represent operating or processing conditions. Accurate quantitative data adds significantly to the process of materials property modeling. Oxidation, thermal drift, sample/tip temperature gradients, and many other issues make it difficult to acquire accurate nanomechanical data at elevated temperatures.

Recent developments have resulted in a new solution for highly accurate nano-mechanical testing over a broad temperature range. This webinar demonstrates how a combination of new tools and techniques can create significant benefits for researchers of materials such as ceramics, composites, super alloys, and other metallic compounds. Applications include: aerospace, semiconductor, automotive, construction materials, nuclear, and other energy related applications. This webinar will illustrate how the combination of a new high temperature stage (xSol™), combined with nanoscale Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (nanoDMA® III), can be utilized for complex temperature and time dependent characterization creep of materials at temperatures up to 800 °C.

Who should attend?
Researchers involved with a broad range of materials that exhibit temperature dependent mechanical properties.

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