Join this webinar to gain crucial insights into the latest spectrophotometric analysis techniques

Spectrophotometric measurements are key in the understanding of the optical properties of new material development and in quality analysis and quality control. The ability to measure absolute reflection and transmission at variable angles unattended is a key requirement in advanced spectrophotometry. In this webinar, we explore several applications of Universal Measurement Spectrophotometry and demonstrate its utility in the analysis of advanced materials such as specialized coatings, thin films, metamaterials, photovoltaics and glass, and we introduce the novel capabilities of the Agilent Cary UMS. If you are working in any of these fields this webinar will give you unique insights into how to explore the properties of such materials using spectrophotometry.

Who should attend:
• Researchers and teaching staff in spectrophotometry and optical analysis
• Persons with an interest in thin films, metamaterials, photovoltaics
• Anyone with a general interest in the latest optical analysis techniques

Travis Burt, Agilent UV-Vis-NIR Product Manager

Stewart Bland, Editor, Materials Today

A live question and answer session will follow the presentation.


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