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Correlative microscopy has proven itself as a powerful tool, particularly for linking light and electron microscopy in 2D. Here, we introduce the concept of correlative tomography in 3D. This is a challenging task but the spatial correlation of 3D data recorded at multiple scales provides rich information and ensures the context is retained through all length scales.

In this webinar we will describe the multiscale 3D workflows that combine macroscale X-ray computed tomography (CT), micro X-ray CT, nanoscale serial section FIB/SEM imaging and analysis, and scanning transmission electron microscopy (S/TEM) to study a range of materials. This approach allows us to travel through length scales to better understand the direct link between properties and the underlying microstructure and to co-visualize structural, crystallographic and chemical information.  

Future advances will enable materials scientists to bring together information spanning multiple length scales to provide an unprecedented confidence that observations at the nanoscale are representative of the material's global structure.

Finally, the webinar will examine the wider potential for applying correlative techniques in materials science, to simultaneously investigate material microstructure, chemistry and performance.

Why should I attend the webinar?

• Hear from leading researchers in the application of multiscale materials investigations
• Learn how multiscale workflows can deliver more complete materials information
• Understand how visualization software can improve materials understanding


Philip J. Withers, Professor of Materials Science, University of Manchester
Pascal Doux, Product Director / FEI Company, Visualization Sciences Group
Baptiste Gault (Moderator), Materials Science Publisher


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