With the superyacht industry remaining buoyant, and shipyard order books full for several years, there are increasing opportunities for composite structures aboard these luxury craft.

Whilst full composite constructions remain more common in sailing superyachts than in motor yachts, even the traditional heartlands of steel and aluminum superyacht building in the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia are seeing increasing amounts of composites making their presence felt.

Whether composites are to be used for the construction of the entire yacht or for some of the components described below, there are still several important issues to consider when it comes to exploiting the full benefits of these lightweight materials. Detailed design engineering, construction processes suitable for the design, finding a capable manufacturer, project management, production validation, and liaison with class organisations are just some of the challenges.

These are all key areas where an experienced composite engineering partner can add massive value to the project.

With maritime work in their very DNA, Solico’s engineering team has been proud to work with composite manufacturers, rig builders and shipyards on some of the world’s most stunning superyachts. In this review, we will look in more detail at some specific applications where composites really prove their worth on board.

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