Reinforced Plastics spoke with David Leach, Timea Marsalko and Frank Kerstan from Henkel about aerospace solutions, including lightweight surfacing films for composite materials and new composite innovations that have been developed for the automotive industry.

David, can you start by introducing yourself, and telling us about your background, and that of Henkel?

Yeah, sure. I’m the Global Market Development Manager for Henkel Aerospace, so I’ve worked in the area of aerospace composites and adhesives for about 25 years. My background, I started originally in research and development. I’ve worked in technical service and marketing, and I’ve worked with a range of different types of resin systems, epoxies, phenolics, and also different applications, such as aircraft primary structure, interiors, satellites.

I’m originally from the UK, and my first degree is actually from Imperial College in London, and I’m a chartered scientist in the UK as well.

Timea, do you want to briefly tell us about your background?

Timea, do you want to briefly tell us about your background?So my name is Timea Marsalko. I’m heading the Global Marketing Department in Pittsburg in California, for the Aerospace Division. I am with Henkel about four years. I have a PhD in polymer science from the University of Akron, Akron, Ohio. Then, in various functions and areas, starting with business and development, product development, strategic marketing, business management, and now I am heading the Marketing Department.

This article appeared in the Sept/Oct issue of Reinforced Plastics.

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